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As an established leader for Telecommunication Services, Telco-zone provides operators and aggregators, in all the Arab World, with best innovative value added services. Telco-Zone boosts communication capabilities for its subscribers. With Offerings like next generation SMS, IVR, international bulk SMS, local SMS and SMS gateway management, we are helping our clients to connect better with their customers.

Value Added Services

Hosting Services
Whether you are a content provider, educational institution, bank, consumer goods company or other, Telco-Zone provides you short codes hosting based on your needs and requirements.

A Short Code is a special telephone number which is shorter than normal telephone numbers and which is easy to remember. Short Codes usually come in 4 digits or 5 digits and are mostly used for Value-added-services, as they offer great insight for companies through advertising and marketing. Such campaigns could include voting and SMS polling, SMS contests, SMS surveys; SMS database marketing, SMS alerts, Mobile games, and other business requirements.

Short codes are a tool for collecting information, feedback, enquiries and instructions from mobile subscribers.

Telco-Zone offers short codes for contests, polls, surveys and many other business requirements.

Our range of short codes can boost your revenues by generating leads for your business.

Telco-Zone provides special reports for short codes, where you could view all SMS Messages received on the short code along with the sender information.

We at Telco-Zone understand the impact that interactive technology can have on the revenues of businesses. To keep up with the latest trends in the communication and telecom world, Telco-Zone provides its SMS to TV service. When utilizing this service, clients can choose their short codes from the range of short codes we provide to get viewers involved and to have them interact with live TV programs and shows by sending text messages. For each message sent, you will have your revenue share and profit.

You can use the below additional ways to keep TV viewers tuned by having them send SMS to participate in:
  • Voting
  • Opinion polls
  • Contests
  • Requests
  • Interactive TV

International Bulk SMS

Telco-Zone provides companies with the ability to integrate SMS into the heart of their business. Whether messages will be sent as an alert or for the purpose of carrying out marketing campaigns or interacting with customers, Telco-Zone is a leading SMS provider that delivers international SMS to worldwide operators. When choosing Telco-Zone as your SMS provider, you can be assured that you will get the best competitive prices while preserving the high standards of quality due to its range of direct connections as well as indirect connections through its partnership with aggregators across the globe thus covering more than 750 destinations.

Local SMS

With its in-house developed user-friendly interface (XMS), Telco-Zone allows you to manage and control your campaigns and alerts. Whether you need to send messages in English or Arabic language, our interface gives you the privilege of setting and sending the campaigns anytime you want from your desktop.

In case you do not have the database of numbers to send your message to, we can provide you with our targeted database where you select you’re the numbers you want to send your messages to based on:
  • Area
  • Age group
  • Gender
  • Profession
  • Social class
When choosing Telco-Zone’s bulk SMS service, we offer you designated features that comprise the following:
  • Direct connection with both Operators in Lebanon Alfa & Touch
  • an API and HTTP links customized to meet different needs
  • Delivery report to maintain systematic analysis of any campaign
  • 24 hours/ 7 days a week customer support

SMS Gateway Management

With internet and social media-based messaging applications, millions of daily unpermitted messages get terminated at the mobile operator's network without being billed. These messages cause unnecessary network load at the operator’s end aside to loss of control over message flow.

With Telco-Zone’s SMS Gateway Management service, operators can rest assured that each and every message that reaches their network will be billed, and all spam and fraud sources will be blocked.

Through its service, Telco-Zone stops any revenue leakage thus ensuring operators gets paid for every SMS that reaches its network.

Telco-Zone’s IVR Short codes solution is addressed to any third party VAS Provider wishing to offer / market its own IVR application service.

The provision of Premium IVR Short code solution consists of the following:
  • Allocation of short code to the customer’s IVR application service
  • Activation of the IVR Short code across the mobile operators, enabling the reception of simultaneous calls made by users;
  • Routing of all the corresponding inbound calls to the customer’s IVR application platform
When choosing Telco-Zone’s IVR Short code service, you will benefit from the following advantages:
  • Easy promotion of the mobile premium service: by communicating to the general public one unique short code at a single access tariff
  • Service availability: accessible to all mobile subscribers in the country, on a 24/7 basis
  • Cost effective solution: Zero upfront capital investment, lower start-up costs
  • Profitability: Possibility of earning a new source of income according to the amount of the revenue shared by mobile Operators to Telco-Zone
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