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Media Graphics strive to find the balance of art and utility in every brand identity. We believe that an effective brand message should be an integral part of your business model, and will help develop your ideas into captivating actions that motivate people and become a part of their everyday culture.

Media Graphics & Printing includes:

Graphic design
original, effective ideas that help your marketing effort stand apart .

Marketing communications
strategic communication is the first step in an effective campaign. As the link between an effective brand message and a successful campaign, marketing is the tactical approach to getting your message out.

Printing and Promotions
grab your customers attention with free stuff they will use again and again. We provide high impact print pieces and unique promotional items designed to motivate your audience.

Although social media like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook have been characterized as tools for individualistic self-expression or social networking, these arenas are currently also playing an increasingly significant role in the public sphere including the political sector and are occupying a big part of the political agenda when it comes to election campaigns.

But running election campaigns over the social media can be risky as it might be accompanied with threats that lead to unexpected negative results. To avoid all risks and threats, our team of social media experts is ready to run and manage your election campaign and all other campaigns on social media from A to Z.

We make sure to integrate your election social media campaigning into the rest of your election campaign plan. In other words, we integrate social media into your communication strategy that you are running over TV, radio, direct mail, and print.

What we do:

Social Media Strategy Development:
As a first stage, and based on your goals, needs, and requirements, we create a roadmap of the social media marketing campaign to be applied. This step is considered the key component of the overall social media campaign.

Create/ Update Accounts:
This includes the creation of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channel, blog post site/area and other social media accounts. In case these accounts are previously created, then our team of experts will make sure to update these existing accounts by applying new logos, marketing graphics, and creating original profile content if required.

Campaign Management:
We manage your social media campaign from A to Z by sustaining regular activity according to the social media strategy and plan. We ensure that all social media sites are consistent in terms of information, layout and design. On the other hand, and based on the size of the election campaign, we dedicate team members to remain in contact with your team to share with us new stories that we can post on social media to connect with people and to communicate with them. We can also produce videos and graphics that you can be posted on social media which creates awareness between people and sheds light on your election campaign goals and outcomes.

Monitoring and Reporting:
We combine technology and human insight to provide regular statistics and feedback in the form of tracking and performance analysis for the election social media campaign. Based on the regular monitoring, we modify and enhance the campaign to reach the targets and goals.

Show, don't tell! Make a greater impact on your customers through interactive video production. With Telco-Zone facilities, resources, and creative staff, you can provide deeper insight on your products/services and increase the marketing engagement with interactive videos, banners, and motion graphics. Telco-Zone also provides you with complete solutions for TV media broadcasting.

TV Spots, Flash and Production

Whether you need TV spots, flash, or production services, Telco-Zone has the facilities, resources, and creative staff to offer you an array of media and production services that match your needs.

Telco-Zone is an all-inclusive video production house. From the production of documentaries, corporate and promotional films, education and filming, we make sure to help you make your business, brand or product look as attention grabbing as possible.

Our range of production services include:

Using interviews, case studies and testimonials we create emotional, informative and thought provoking documentaries. We consider documentary to be one of our specialties and we are capable of making long or short-form projects and series based on the need of our clients.

Corporate and Promotional Films:
We provide tailor-made films to promote your business and raise brand awareness by exploiting the power of online video. Using a combination of testimonials, interviews, and commercials, we ensure that you reach your audience with the right message.

We provide a wide range of video services from live event coverage to short, narrative films and commercial and broadcast work.

TV Setup

Being a multidisciplinary company, Telco-Zone provides complete consultancy and turnkey solutions for TV media broadcasting.

We comprehend all the micro and macro areas related to Broadcast Engineering; from transmission and audiovisual systems, installation and maintenance, to equipment supply and consultancy services.

Our Service Areas:
  • Project management: Greenfield to finished installation
  • TV and FM Transmitter installation and maintenance
  • Transmitter and Microwave link and hosting
  • Maintenance: Routine and Emergency support
  • Video production and post-production systems design and installation: Studios, Editing sets, Digital video workstations
  • Audio Processing systems design and installation: Acoustics, wiring, patching, and distribution; Analog and digital Audio workstations
  • Third party equipment supply
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